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What our customer's are saying about our dog training, puppy training, dog walking, and pet sitting services!

“Great ideas and techniques”

Jena is amazing! We recently had our first human child, so our first born fur baby needed to relearn some behavior skills that we had always let slide in the past. We have quite a yappy small dog who think he runs the neighborhood, beach, park and our living room window especially. He is aggressive with big dogs and barks at all dogs and humans that we approach. Jena had many great ideas and techniques to get our pup to associate approaching a dog or human as a positive thing. There were so many simple changes that she suggested that made a huge difference (like trading in our retractable leash for a regular one). I was also shocked that our training actually started inside at our living room window where tons of the barking happens before we even started approaching other dogs outside. Jena has armed us with the knowledge and skills to get our dog to be that friendly, approachable dog that we've always wanted him to be.

— Brooke & Cooper

“Outstanding support”

I initially contacted Jena in order to train my Rottweiler/Great Pyrenees puppy to stop jumping on people. He is 90 pounds, and while I wanted a big dog, I didn’t want a big, scary dog. The way that Jena interacted with Jack from day one was amazing- so loving and supportive, but at the same time, he wasn’t allowed any attention for bad behavior! Her follow up with me and support was also outstanding. She makes it look easy, which in turn gave me more confidence and made the whole process a lot less overwhelming. Thank you Jena! 

— Beth & Jack

“Truly exceptional”

"Dog" may be in the name but Newman's has been wonderful for my cat, Edna! To set the stage, I have what you might call a difficult kitty... or as my friend recently referred to her, "Satan". She gets nervous when people come into the home and I'm not there which makes pet sitting a challenge - so much so that she was fired as a client by the service I used in Chicago.

Enter Newman's. Not only are both sitters, Emma and Christine, lovely people, they handled Edna in stride. They are awesome about sending texts after every visit and give me updates and details so it never feels like they're just checking a box. Christine has been our go-to and she's just awesome... noticing things like new food bowls and finding nice things to say about my salty Edna. I always look forward to her texts when I'm away.

The owner, Jena responds to requests immediately (even when she's on vacation) and never has a problem with last-minute schedule changes. Overall, the level of service is truly exceptional - I highly recommend Newman's if you're looking for someone to take amazing care of your pets while you're away.

— Claudia & Edna

“I really can't recommend her enough”

I have a Treeing Walker Coonhound named Elly May. These are smart, independent, high energy dogs. And I knew what I was getting into when I adopted her. Unfortunately, Elly had some issues when she came home to us. She was anxious, mouthy, and no amount of exercise could wear her out. So she would bark at me for hours on end! Coonhounds are loud!!! I contacted Jena to get some help, I was at my wits end and thinking of taking Elly back to the shelter. Thankfully, we didn't have to do that. After six training sessions with Jena I have a completely different dog. She's still a crazy coonhound, but now she's also happy and sweet and adored by everyone she meets. The instruction, insight, and knowledge she provided game me to tools to help Elly be happy, confident, and manage her energy. Any level of training you and your doggy need help with, Jena can help. I really can't recommend her enough. There isn't anyone else I would call or recommend for dog training.

— Treva & Elly May

“Made my life so much easier”

Last December, I welcomed my very first dog into my life. I didn't know what to expect and my number one priority was keeping my yellow lab, Huckleberry, safe as he got bigger. Newman's Dog Training has not only helped me with all the basics of being a good mom, but Jena has also taught Huck how to be the best/obedient puppy. Additionally, Jena and her husband have made my life so much easier by coming over to my house while I'm at work to let Huck out, feed him and train him at the same time. THANK YOU for helping this, no longer nervous, first time mommy!

— Betsy & Huck

“Made my life so much easier”

My collaboration with Mrs. Newman has been fantastic. Her confidence with Thunder was comforting. In two brief meetings we have made great strides. It is not cliché to say that Thunder and I are closer and happier. Thank you Jena!

— Brian & Thunder

“Unique and refreshing”

Jena's style of dog training is unique and refreshing. We had tried everything from puppy kindergarten, to training books and even had trainers come to the house, but nothing had worked. Jena's style is about forming a respectful bond with your dog and it isn't harsh like other trainers. When other dog trainers made me feel guilty about being a "push-over" and cuddling with my dog, Jena told me it was alright. She helped teach our dog not to jump, bark and more (not just how to do tricks). Jena has really helped transform our dog and I highly recommend her!

— Emily & Saylor

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