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About the Author

Owner and Head Trainer at Newman's Dog Training

Jena Newman 

CGC certified, ADPT Professional Member, Trainers with HEART

Starting in 2008 Jena volunteered as an animal keeper at the Kansas City zoo before being hired as a Zookeeper. While at the KC zoo, Jena learned how to train many exotic animals using positive reinforcement training techniques. During her 5 years as a keeper, her favorite animals to train included: Gorillas, Elephants and Sea Lions. In 2011, she decided to start Newman’s Dog Training after spending a year learning everything dog behavior and dog specific training.

Since beginning her dog training business she has helped train thousands of dogs and their owners in the Kansas City metro, Northwest Arkansas, and across the U.S. with online courses and virtual training sessions. She is taking years of training experience and knowledge and offering you a free training option that is designed to get you started training fast, training effectively, and get lasting results.

In this FREE eBook you will learn how to train a new behavior and also how to change any unwanted behavior with your dog or puppy.

Plus, learn 2 focus behaviors and how to use them in real world scenarios!

Did we mention this all comes with a

10 part YouTube video training support series?

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PLUS! 10 Part Video Support Series On The eBook To Go From Game Plan To Action!

Bonus: Learn 2 Essential Behaviors We Train All Puppies To Gain Their Attention Instantly In Any Situation.

With Just 4 Quick and Easy To Implement Steps
We Can Help You Train Your Dog or Puppy To:
  • Stop jumping on people

    Pulling on the leash

    Stop their barking

    ...and so much more!

    All for FREE!

  • Why Trust US?

    Newman's Dog Training takes training your best friend very seriously. We take every opportunity to learn more and stay on top of current trends when it comes to dog and puppy training.

    Canine Good Citizen

    canine good citizen dog training near me kansas city fayetteville arkansas newmans dog training evaluator search

    Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

    Having this certification will allow you perks you otherwise would not have. If you are interested in having your dog be a therapy pet or a service dog, this is the first step in that process.

    get your dog ready for the test!


    Association of Professional Dog Trainers

    dog training near me Kansas City Northwest Arkansas Newman's Dog Training

    Association of Professional Dog Trainers

    Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) allows their members to stay up to date on latest trends, techniques and scientific studies while creating and maintaining superior industry standards. They have endless ways to continue education to stay on top of new training information and refreshing up on the foundation


    HEARTland Positive Training Alliance

    Dog walking near me Pet sitting Kansas City Newman's Dog Training

    HEARTland Positive Dog

    Training Alliance

    Newman's Dog Training stays involved in the community by having strong connections to other dog trainers in the Midwest and around the country. 

    HEARTland Positive Training Alliance is a way to stay connected while given the opportunity to always learn more from fellow dog trainers.


    35+ Years of Hands on Experience

    dog on train newman's dog training

    Over 35+ years of Experience

    Newman's Dog Training has over 35 years of experience between all of the trainers who represent the company.

    From being zookeepers, vet assistants, service dog trainers and so on, we bring a wealth of knowledge into clients' homes that set everyone up for success and produce the results that have our clients returning throughout the years.




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