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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Are you leaving town and can't take your pets with you? Let us help you keep them in the comfort of their own home while you are away. Our Pet Sitters will give your furry friends all the attention they could ask for while you are gone. We can even look after your house for you.

Let us take care of your pets while you are away!

We understand how hard it can be to leave your pets home alone. Whether you are going on vacation, busy at work or other obligations, you want your pet to receive the TLC that you give them when you are home. Newman’s Dog Training is here to do just that.

We know that boarding your pet at a facility isn't always the best option for your pet. That is where NDT comes in. We have some options of care including daily visits and overnight care. 


Daily Visits

We will come to your home to feed, potty and play with your pet. All of these services include bringing in mail and newspapers, turning on and off lights, alternating lights, opening and closing blinds, taking trash to and from the curb and watering plants. We know how important it is to have your house look lived in while you are gone. 

Dog Sitting

Minimum of 3 20-minute visits per day for dogs


Feeding your pets

Potty breaks


Administration of medicine


Exercise and playtime


Tons of TLC!

$24 per visit

More then one dog add $5 per visit for each extra dog.

Extra $15 per day in the event we have to clean up potty accidents or other messes made by your pets.

We visit between these times for pet sitting.

7:30 am-8:30 pm

Cat Sitting

Minimum of 1 visit per day


Feeding your cats

Litter box cleaning


Administration of medicine


Tons of TLC!

If you have a shy cat we will do our best to find them. Cats are great at hiding, In the event we can't locate them we will look for signs of their well being. Ex: Their food is eaten, litter box has been used.

$24 per visit

More then 2 cats add $5 to each visit. 

We will visit your cat between 9 am and 5 pm unless there is a specific time requested.

Overnight Pet Sitting

We offer overnight visits in which we stay at your house overnight with your pet. Unfortunately, we are not able to spend all night and all day at your house. If you would like visits between the overnight times, we can add in daily pet sitting visits to your schedule for an additional charge.

Do you have more than one dog? The first dog is included in the overnight pet sitting, additional dogs, cats or other animals are $5 extra per day per animal. Add $15 for each dog not potty trained, high activity levels and signs of stress and anxiety.

Dogs love routine! This is a wonderful option for them to stay at home and have the comfort of someone there with them. Let us know specific details about them and we will make them as happy as possible. Where they like to sleep, what their favorite games to play are and what time they go out at the end of the night. We will make their time away from you as fun as possible. 

Pictures and updates will be sent to you daily. We know it isn't only about making sure your pets are happy. We also know, as pet owners, we love updates and knowing how they are doing. 

Our sitters love treating your pets as their own when they are in our care. They are guaranteed to stay the night between 10:30 pm until 7 am. However, most sitters go above and beyond and settle in for the night before that and hang out with your pets for longer periods in the morning.

Overnight Pet Sitting

The sitter will stay at your home from

10:30 pm to 7 am.

They will be there for their late night let out, throughout the night and will do their morning routine.


Payments and Policies

We understand that plans can change. We don't charge for cancellations with adequate notice.

Holiday Fees

We love sharing the holidays with your furry friends. However, we are missing quality time with our families and charge an additional $10 fee for each visit on the following days for Daily Pet Sitting Clients and $20 for Each Overnight. On the Overnights, each daily visit will be an extra $10. 

•  Holiday Season, December 20th through January 4th

• Easter Sunday

• Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

• Independence Day (If it falls on a weekend holiday fee is for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

• Labor Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

• Thanksgiving (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Cancellation Policy for Non-holiday Pet Sitting Visits

Clients will be asked to pay 25% within 3 days of booking all services in order to guarantee pet sitting service.  

Cancellations within 2-week will receive a 100% refund. There will be a 50% refund of deposit if services are cancelled with 1-week notice. If cancellation occurs with less than 1-week notice, there is no refund of the deposit. For early returns, no refunds or credits will be issued.  

Holiday Overnight Services and Pet Sitting Visits  

Clients will be asked to pay 50% within 3 days of booking all services in order to guarantee holiday service.  

Cancellations within 2-week will receive a 100% refund. If cancellation occurs within less than a 2-week notice, there is no refund of the deposit. For early returns, no refunds or credits will be issued.  

Holiday surcharges for pet sitting visits and overnight pet sitting will apply for all services.

*If you have special needs then there may be additional charges  **For now Pet Sitting services limited to: Waldo, Brookside, Plaza, Westport, Downtown, Crossroads, River Market, Prairie Village, Waldo, Mission Hills, Leawood, and Fairway. If you live outside of these areas and are interested in pet sitting, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss some options. **Prices may change at any time

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