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Meet Our Team

Meet our fantastic dog walking and pet sitting team!

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Originally from Omaha, Emily moved to KC to attend Rockhurst University, fell in love with all things Kansas City, and has been here ever since. When not working as a Marketing Manager for a local non-profit, Emily is here to assist Newman’s in giving all the love, attention and extra scratches your pets desire when you need an extra helping hand. Emily adopted her first dog, Sadie, in 2018 after a lifetime of asking for a family pet and is the favorite aunt of her two brothers’ cats. Emily and Sadie are avid fans of cheese, the Chiefs, and exploring the many different pet friendly places/walks KC has to offer.

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Merrie moved, with her husband Alan, to Kansas City from Washington DC to be near family and to open the Tail Waggin’ PetStop, a pet-supply store in the Crossroads Arts District. It was through Tail Waggin’ that Merrie met Jena and eventually joined her team of walkers. Merrie loves the opportunity to bond with each dog she walks; her many interactions with dogs confirm her belief that a dog is as unique as a person. She also loves the chance to explore the fascinating neighborhoods of KC. Please check out their store, visit www.TailWagginPetStop.com 

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Hi! I’m Kayley and I've been with Newman's Dog Training since 2019. Growing up here in the Kansas City area I have always been a certified cat lady. However, throughout my lifetime I have had just about every kind of pet you can think of (sadly, my dream of having a mourning dove never came true but someday.) I am currently “mom” to 4 cats and a puppy named midge. My love for animals extends to fostering and volunteering with shelters in the area. I love the relationships I have here with my clients at Newman's Dog Training. Working for Jena and Derek has been a great experience the last few years and I plan to work with them for years to come.

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Dog walker/crazy dog lady Alex originally hails from Pensacola, Florida, and now calls Kansas City home. With an undergraduate degree in marketing and an MBA, you'd think she'd be some executive at a big corporation. Instead, she's chosen to be an entrepreneur (with a budding marketing company), marathoner, and plans to walk dogs as a side gig forever. Some people call her a crazy dog lady, but she prefers the term "wannabe dog whisperer." It's certainly safe to say she is a dog lover and if she gets a chance she will treat your pup like family!

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Reid is from a small town in northeastern Kansas called Valley Falls. He now resides in Kansas City and plans to stay awhile ;). Reid works full time as a supervisor of a call center for a transfer agency that is 95% remote. This allows Reid flexibility during the day if boarding a pet! He and his 5 year old rat terrier, Millie, love to be social! During the warmer months you’ll find both of them frequenting at pet friendly patios and parks! During the colder months you’ll still see Reid around but Millie will only come out in her sweaters. Reid has been helping pet sit since he was able to drive, but just recently joined the Newman’s Dog Training Pack in 2022. He loves connecting with all the different personalities pets can bring!


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