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Cat Training Solutions That Work

Kansas City's very own Newman's Trainers have over 35+ years of experience and are ready to help you and your pet cat build a happy relationship. We understand that not every cat is easy and have their challenges. Whether this is your first cat and just need guidance or you have multiple cats with behavioral issues, we are here to help!

  • Are your cats not getting along with each other?
  • Is your dog chasing your cat or is your cat attacking your dog?
  • Is your cat or multiple cats having litter box issues?
  • Do you want to teach your cat fun tricks like coming when called or to sit on command?

Newman's Dog Training can help you solve your cat's behavior all while using positive reinforcement training. We will come to your house and create a training plan specific to your needs.

Newman's Dog Training cat training

In Your Home Cat Training Programs

Do you need a single session or more help? We have options that can fit your needs.

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$150 per session

Are you new to having a cat and need guidance?

Are they having litterbox issues?

Do you want to teach them a fun trick like coming when called or to sit on cue? 

  • 1 hour training session to focus on your specific issue

  • Tell us your goals and we will come up with a plan specific to your needs. 

  • Free Clicker

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Do you have multiple cats that aren't getting along?

Is your dog chasing your cat and want help having them live in peace together? 

Do you want them to know obedience commands.?

  • 4 training sessions in your home to help train your cats

  • Follow up emails to refer to after the training session

  • Free Clicker

How Does It Work?

A trainer will come to you and teach you how to train the fun behavior or correct the unwanted behaviors with your cat or cats. Each lesson will last about one hour and will take place in your home. After creating the training plan and making sure you understand your homework, you will be left to do the training with your cats. 

After each lesson you will have follow up emails to look back on to help you follow the training plan. 

Newman's Trainer Does The Cat Training For You

These customized training sessions take place in your home in your cat's environment. Each session lasts about 1 hour with your cat and the trainer with follow up sessions to teach you how to maintain the behaviors learned.

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Cat Day Training


Are you too busy to put all the time into training your cat yourself?

While you are at work we come to your home and train your cat or cats for you. You are still involved in the process but we do the hard work for you. 

  • The trainer does the hard work for you

  • 3 days a week for 3 weeks of one-on-one with your cat and a professional trainer

  • Weekly meeting with you to discuss progress and practice the strategies with you.

  • Unlimited Trainer Support via email and phone

  • Free Clicker

  • Enroll Now!
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    “My collaboration with Mrs. Newman has been fantastic. Her confidence with Thunder was comforting. In two brief meetings we have made great strides. It is not cliché to say that Thunder and I are closer and happier. Thank you Jena!”


    So Easy!

    “She makes it look easy, which in turn gave me more confidence and made the whole process a lot less overwhelming. Thank you Jena!”

    — BETH

    Jena is amazing!

    “Jena is amazing! We recently had our first human child, so our first born fur baby needed to relearn some behavior skills that we had always let slide in the past."

    — BROOKE.

    NO GUARANTEE OF RESULTS. We believe it is unethical to guarantee results when working with human and animal behavior. We will do everything we can to help you reach your training goals but because animals and humans are not robots we will never guarantee results.

    Loved by People & Dogs all over Kansas City, Northwest Arkansas, and all other locations via online training!


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