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Compassionate, Professional, & Convenient

Serving the Kansas City and Northwest Arkansas communities

with in-person services.

35+ Years

Trainer Experience

Our certified trainers have years of experience and have trained many different types of animals from puppies to elephants, all using positive reinforcement training techniques.

About Newman's Trainers


Professionalism with Care

Your pets are your family and we always treat them with that in mind. We give your pets all of our attention and love during every visit.

Certifications and Training Methods


1,000+ Happy dogs and dog owners

With clear communication and attention to detail we have helped thousands of pets and their owners with dog training, pet sitting, and dog walking.

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Are you ready to build your relationship with your dog? Let us help with new skills and techniques. We only use positive reinforcement training techniques and can train basic obedience to more advanced issues such as aggression cases, emotional support dogs, and can help prepare for and certify the your pup as a Canine Good Citizen. We now offer the Northwest Arkansas community our expert dog training services, as well as offer online dog training sessions and 

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Congratulations on your new puppy! We love puppies and their sponge brains so much. Puppies learn so fast, which is why it is important to impart how we want them to behave as soon as possible. We are here to help you every step of the way with our free puppy training tips, puppy training courses, and professional trainers. We have also expanded our puppy training services into the Northwest Arkansas community. Let us help train you and your puppy today!

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Does your dog need let out while you are at work or while you are on vacation? Newman's dog walkers and pet sitters are here to help. We understand how hard it can be to leave your pets home alone. Our appointment app and attention to detail gives you detailed information about each visit with real time time stamps and notifications. Make sure your dog or puppy is getting the attention, exercise, and potty breaks they need while you are away. 


Newman’s Dog Training is a Certified Evaluator but we are also able to help you get your dog ready for the test. The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is a certification your dog can obtain to prove they know their commands and will behave in society. They will be tested on ten behaviors such as sit, down, walking on the leash, stay and more.

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Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) allows their members to stay up to date on latest trends, techniques and scientific studies while creating and maintaining superior industry standard.

Learn More About the Association of

Professional Dog Trainers

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HEARTland Positive Training Alliance is a group of dog trainers who promote force free positive training and handling. 

Learn More About the HEARTland

Dog Training Alliance

Learn More About Our Cetifications
and Continued Education Work

Not located close to our in-person service areas?

Want to train your dog or puppy without scheduling a trainer visit?

Need to train your dog or puppy for less money than traditional in-person sessions?

Want to prepare your dog or puppy for the Canine Good Citizen test?


 Newman's Dog Training is bringing years of dog, puppy, and animal training to an online learning experience that is fun, easy to follow, and highly effective. Newman's Dog Training's online training sessions can be used to train your dog or puppy just like traditional in-person sessions. Or, virtual training sessions can be paired with any of our courses like the FREE eBook course below. Inside these courses, Newman's Dog Training Owner and head trainer Jena Newman, will guide you with videos, written material, and homework for both you and your puppy to work through as you progress. Want to try virtual dog or puppy training for FREE? Sign up below.

Newman's Dog Training Dog and Puppy Training Tips eBook

Download This Free eBook Now!

In this FREE training resource you will learn how to train a new behavior, or change any unwanted behavior with your dog or puppy. Plus, learn 2 focus behaviors!

Includes a 10 part YouTube support series.

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Take Newman’s with you and train on your own timeline with online Dog Training Courses and Coaching. Schedule training sessions, learn new behaviors, and fix any unwanted behaviors quickly.


“The way that Jena interacted with Jack from day one was amazing - so loving and supportive. Her follow up with me and support was also outstanding. She makes it look easy, which in turn gave me more confidence and made the whole process a lot less overwhelming.

Thank You Jena!"

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Our clients are excited about their pets and our services

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"Using zoom or FaceTime has worked wonderfully during our one on one sessions. Jena can demonstrate things when necessary and she can see how Dolly responds to what she’s learning."

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"The way that Jena interacted with Jack from day one was amazing- so loving and supportive, but at the same time, he wasn’t allowed any attention for bad behavior! Her follow up with me and support was also outstanding."

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