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We Are The Newman's

Newman’s Dog Training was created in 2011 to share with the community how to train dogs effectively while building the relationship between the owner and their dog. For dog owners to understand why dogs do what they do not just how we can make them listen. Newman's Dog Training likes to see the world through the dog’s perspective and train based on how the dog feels and perceives their environment. Through management, rewards, and consistency you can have your dream dog. We know every dog and situation is different and specialize in one-on-one training with our clients to come up with a training plan that is specific to their needs within their household. We started in Kansas City but have expanded and can now help clients all over the world with our virtual training sessions and Online Puppy Academy. We are proud to have Kristin as our trainer in Kansas City. She has years of experience and is also a former zookeeper. In 2022, Jena and Derek Newman moved back to their roots, Fayetteville, AR and are excited to share their knowledge with the community that raised them.

Newman's Dog Training Jena and Derek Newman with 2 dogs on leash training
Newman's Dog Training Jena and Derek Newman with 2 dogs on leash training black and white

Jena Newman, Founder and Head Trainer

B.S, CPDT-KA, APDT Member, CGC Evaluator

Jena grew up in Fayetteville, AR and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2008. She immediately started training animals as a Zookeeper at the Kansas City Zoo after graduation. She trained many exotic animals during that time including her favorites: Gorillas, Elephants and Sea Lions. In 2011, she decided to start Newman’s Dog Training while still working full time. After 2 years of building the business, she left the zoo and put all her energy into Newman's Dog Training. She is forever grateful to the Kansas City Community for continuing to invite Newman's into their homes to help strengthen their relationships with their dogs.

Since then, she has been an active member of the Heartland Positive Dog Training Alliance while spending 4 years as a board member. Jena has attended multiple seminars to continue her education. Some of her favorite seminars covering multiple topics have been with Susan Clothier, Nicole Wilde, Victoria Stillwell, Pat Miller, Sarah Kalnajs and more. Jena is currently an active member of APDT (The Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and is a certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Jena was also an evaluator for Pets for Life for 2 years where she evaluated owners and their dogs to become therapy pets. This was such an amazing opportunity and has prepared her to help your dog become a therapy pet. Jena is a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA.)

In 2022, Jena and Derek moved home to Fayetteville and are excited about sharing their training experience with the community that raised them. All the while still running the business in Kansas City and doing virtual training with clients around the country. When not training dogs, you can find Jena reading a book in the sun, mountain biking, canoeing, or exploring nature in her VanDoIt campervan. If the sun is out, she is outside enjoying it. Jena and her husband Derek have worked hard training their chocolate lab, Barry, so he can go on all their trips with them. They joke that they work hard to give Barry all the adventures he deserves! 

Newman's Dog Training puppy training sea lion at kansas city zoo

Jena taught Delilah how to do a hand stand.

Newman's Dog Training near me training elephant at kansas city zoo

Jena working with the African Elephant, Zoe.

Newman's Dog Training Jena Newman laughing with puppies

Jena's happy place. Surrounded by cuddly dogs.

Newman's Dog Training running dogs on beach with dog training tools

Barry doing what he loves best. Chasing balls on the beach.

Newman's Dog Training pup training tips training sea lion kansas city zoo

Vince loved learning how to clap!

Newman's Dog Training at Kansas City Zoo training baby sea lion puppy

Sunny learning how to lie down.

Derek Newman, General Manager of everything not directly tied to training dogs!
Newman's Dog Training Derek Newman with dog barry dog k9

Derek graduated from the University Of Arkansas in 2008 and moved to Kansas City to pursue a career in Exercise Science. He worked as a personal trainer in Kansas City for 12 years before leaving to help Jena with Newman's Dog Training. His role since leaving the fitness industry has been walking dogs and pet sitting when needed, but mainly background website and marketing work. Main jobs include coffee maker/server, ledge talker off'er, and anything not customer service or training of dogs. When not serving Jena delicious coffee, or cooking up decadent meals, Derek can be found guiding Jena and Barry into all of the activities she mentioned above, except reading a book in the sun. You can probably find Derek exercising Barry the dog while playing disc golf or Mt biking all over NW Arkansas.

Kansas City Dog and Puppy Trainers

Kristin, Kansas City Manager and Certified Dog Trainer
Newman's Dog Training trainer Kristin Reynolds golden retriever hummel dog training tools

Kristin is a former elephant zookeeper with an extensive training background. While in the zookeeping field, she worked with many species including giraffes, bongos, and sea lions. This background of working with exotic animals has allowed Kristin to develop an understanding of animal body language and behavior across many species and she can bring that experience to your home! Aside from exotic animals, she grew up working alongside her hometown veterinarian as a veterinary assistant. She attended Purdue University where she received a Bachelors in Animal Science with an emphasis on Animal Behavior along with minors in Psychology and Biology. Her passion for animals shines through her outgoing and rather witty personality! When she's not out training dogs, you can find Kristin exploring KC with her golden retriever, Hummel, attending a concert, or cheering on her Boilermaker basketball team.

Kristin is a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA.) She is actively looking for opportunities to learn more and advance her knowledge in dog behavior to better help clients in the Kansas City Metro.

Zoe, Certified Dog Trainer
Jena Newman Certified Dog Trainer by CCPDT

Zoe has two main goals in life - to help all the people and dogs that she can. Zoe attended Pittsburg State University and earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology.After her undergraduate studies, she decided to further her education into the field of Animal-Assisted Therapy. She attended Oakland University and earned her Specialist Certification in Human-Animal Interventions (CHAIS).Zoe is extremely passionate about improving the relationship and positive bond between humans and their animal companions, and this same passion carries over into her career as a Dog Trainer. Zoe attended CATCH, Canine Trainers Academy, where she earned her Certification in Dog Training Knowledge (CDTK).

Zoe is a Certified Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA.)

When Zoe isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her English Mastiff, Ruthie Lou, her Great Pyrenees mix, Thelma, and her two black cats, Lola and Sophie. Zoe enjoys playing video games, embroidering, and going to trivia nights with her best friends. Zoe loves spending time with loved ones and she can always find something good on Netflix..

Laurel, Dog Trainer

dog trainer kansas city newans dog training

Laurel attended the university of Kansas and graduated with a bachelor of science in business marking. She then started her career as a manager at a dog daycare where she learned the foundations of canine body language and communication. Laurel has also spent several years in her career overseeing adoption centers for Kansas City’s largest animal shelter. During this time she has been able to apply her skills to a wide variety dogs allowing for extensive knowledge of different learning styles.Laurel has had a passion for dog training ever since acquiring her reactive dog Archie. Seeing the success with Archie’s behavior modification training peeked her interest in dog training and the need that falls within our community. Ever since, Laurel has dedicated herself to furthering her education on canine behavior. She keeps up to date with current literature and studies on canine behavior.

In her free time you might catch Laurel and her two dogs exploring the trails in Kansas City. She also enjoys paddle boarding and competing in agility with her dogs. Laurel is also a devoted member to the rescue community and volunteers time aiding in photographing and marketing dogs adoptable dogs.

Northwest Arkansas Dog and Puppy Trainers

Drew, Dog Trainer

dog trainer Drew Lee bio pic Northwest Arkansas newmans dog and puppy training

Drew is a Fayetteville, Arkansas native with a B.A. in History and African/African-American Studies from the University of Arkansas. With a background in sustainable agriculture, Drew has worked with nearly every type of livestock, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, cattle, goats, pigs, and horses. His interest in animal welfare and behavior blossomed from a desire to ensure that the farm animals in his care were living their best possible lives, freely expressing their natural behaviors in appropriate habitat. His focus shifted to dog training when his own dog Gilbert, began to exhibit troubling behavior after a rescue puppy was added to the household. Learning to meet the needs of his steadfast old companion, while also providing the new family puppy the best start possible, was a richly rewarding and catalyzing experience. Now that Drew has brought peace back to his household, he has felt a call to help others find the same healing and growth, by helping them developing a symbiotic relationship with their family animals. He began working at Fort Smith Animal Haven in 2023 to be around as many dogs as possible and to gain exposure to all the breeds, behaviors and personalities he could. There, he found a passion for animal rescue and shelter medicine that dovetails nicely with his training and behavior practice.

Drew is pursuing a professional dog trainer certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is excited to absorb and learn everything he possibly can about animal welfare, behavior and training. When Drew isn't training dogs or working as a Vet Tech at the shelter, you can probably find him at home: parenting, doing yoga, playing the bass, birdwatching, trying new recipes, or working on the homestead dream he shares with his partner, Kaity. You might also catch him out floating an Ozark stream, enjoying some live music, visiting a museum or historical site, or walking one his three dogs: Gilbert, Elko or Pumpkin. 

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