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These puppy programs are geared toward teaching you and your puppy everything you need to know to succeed.

Congratulations on the new pet puppy! What an exciting time for you and your family. Think of all the fun things you will get to do in Kansas City with your well behaved furry k9!

Let us help you reach your training goals with your puppy!

Are you getting a puppy and want to know how to prepare?

Is your puppy biting you non-stop?

Are they having accidents in the house?

Are they crying in their crate?

Newman's Dog Training will teach you everything you need to know to have a well rounded adult dog by teaching you what to do when they are a puppy! It is better to train them from the beginning then try to break bad habits when they are older.

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In-Person Training Packages

These private in-home training sessions take place in your home to allow your puppy to learn in their environment. We teach you how to train your dog their new behaviors and house manners. Each sessions lasts about one hour and includes a follow up email.

Puppy training Kansas City 4 sessions gold banner Newman's Dog Training


4 Private Sessions at your home with your puppy

Covering socialization, potty training, crate training, nipping, chewing, and jumping.

4 obedience Commands: sit, down, drop it, and leave it.

6 Months Dog Trainer Support

Bonus: Free Clicker

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10 Private Sessions in your home and out in public.

Rolling in a puddle Package plus Leash walking, go to your place & 2 fun behaviors.

Addressing Unwanted Behaviors

2 Bonus Sessions to use at any time. 

Lifetime Dog Trainer Support.

Puppy classes near me 6 sessions gold banner Newman's Dog Training ks


6 private sessions in your home & in neighborhood.

Getting the paws wet package plus Stay, Wait at doors and for food bowl, 1 fun behavior.

Addressing Unwanted Behaviors

1 Year of Dog Trainer support.

Bonus: Free Clicker

newmans dog training kansas city puppy classes near me k9 dog

Last December, I welcomed my very first dog into my life. I didn't know what to expect and my number one priority was keeping my yellow lab, Huckleberry, safe as he got bigger. Newman's Dog Training has not only helped me with all the basics of being a good mom, but Jena has also taught Huck how to be the best/obedient puppy. Additionally, Jena and her husband have made my life so much easier by coming over to my house while I'm at work to let Huck out, feed him and train him at the same time. THANK YOU for helping this, no longer nervous, first time mommy!

- Betsy

Day Training Packages

Do you have a busy schedule and want Newman's Dog Training to do the hard work for you without sending your puppy away? Day Training is having a trainer come to your home through out the week and work directly with your puppy for 1 hour at a time. Your dog trainer teaches your dog the new behavior and then teaches you how to maintain it.

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Puppy Primer Day Training


Do you want help teaching your dog the basic commands like sit, down, drop it, leave it, and coming when called?

A dog trainer will come to your house three days a week for 1 hour and work directly with your puppy.

  • A starter session to go over goals and expectations when you sign up.

  • 3 days a week of 1-on-1 training with your dog and a professional trainer for three weeks. A single follow up training session after the program finished.

  • Address Unwanted Behaviors.

  • Weekly meeting to discuss progress and how to maintain the new behaviors.  

  • Lifetime Dog Trainer Support

  • Free clicker

Puppy day training fayetteville arkansas northwest ar newmans dog training near me

Puppy Day Training


Are you too busy to put all the time into training your dog yourself?

Do you want some help but can’t stand the idea of shipping your dog off to puppy camp?

This is perfect for you. We come to your home and train your dog for you 5 days a week for 4 weeks.

  • A starter training session when you sign up 

  • 5 days a week of one-on-one with your dog and a professional trainer

  • Weekly meeting with you to discuss progress and how to maintain the new behaviors

  • Unlimited Lifetime Trainer Support

  • Unlimited Online Help Sessions

  • Free Clicker

Is private In-Person Training not what you are looking for?

Check out the other options Newman's Dog Training provides for you and your puppy:

Kansas City

Puppy Board and Train

Puppy's basic's course newmans dog training online

Do you want your puppy to know all their commands but don't have the time to teach them yourself?

Are you too busy or simply want us to do the hard work for you? This is a perfect option for you!

Your dog trainer will teach them behaviors like sit, down, coming when called, drop it and more all while being socialized with people and other dogs!

Learn More

Kansas City

Behavior Modification

Puppy biting house training  newmans dog training online

Is your puppy needing to learn more than just basic manners and obedience cues?


Are they showing signs of fear or possessiveness to people or objects?

Behavior modification is used to help with many issues including resource guarding, a dog with a bite history, dog reactivity, fear of strangers and other behaviors that can include aggression.

Don't wait for your puppy to be older to fix these problems. They will not grow out of them. Let us help you right away!

Learn More

Kansas City

Service Dog Training

service dog trainer puppy classes near me k9 newmans dog training kansas city

A Service Dog is trained to perform specific tasks that a person with a disability physically cannot do themselves.

Unlike a therapy dog where they are trained to interact with strangers, a service dog is to remain focused and working while in public.


Learn More

Precious Puppy Gallery

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Loved by People & Dogs all over Kansas City, Northwest Arkansas, and all other locations via online training!

NO GUARANTEE OF RESULTS. We believe it is unethical to guarantee results when working with human and dog behavior. We will do everything we can to help you reach your training goals but because dogs and humans are not robots we will never guarantee results.


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