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Focused Fido

By Newman's Dog Training LLC

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Are you ready to have your dog's attention while out of the house?

• No more lunging when they see other dogs on walks!

• No more barking at people or dogs walking by!

• No more chasing squirrels!

• You will have their focus when you ask them for behaviors like "sit" and "down."

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"If you don't have your dog's attention, then you will never be able to ask them to do anything." -Jena Newman

In this FREE course you will learn 2 behaviors. They are specific to teaching your dog how to focus on you even when there are other distractions.

Are you ready to have your dog's attention while out of the house?


"Before taking this free course Teddy was all over the place. Once we would step outside, he was ready to chase anything that moved. Working through Newman's Focused Fido course has helped Teddy calm down and pay attention to me, making the walks much more enjoyable for the both of us." 


"Remi is much more confident now that I know how to get him to listen to me. He was pretty nervous and distracted when we would take him places. Using "Look" and " Touch" gave him something to do and helped build his confidence in new environments. We highly recommend the Focused Fido course!"


"Teaching Elmer to target my hand has been so helpful. Emler used to not come when I called but after teaching him "touch" he can't come running fast enough!"

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Focused Fido

Easy behaviors to gain your dog's attention with distractions.


In this course you will learn how to teach your dog clicker training, as well as the behaviors "touch" and "look". With these three techniques you can get your dog to focus on you during many scenarios that may distract your pup. These distractions can lead them to express unwanted behaviors. Focus is so important, if you don't have their focus then you can't ask them for anything.

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Focused Fido Course Plus 1 Help Session

30 minute 1 on 1 session with a Newman's trainer!

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