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Puppy's First Behaviors Course

Let's have some fun learning new behaviors!

Are you ready to start training your puppy fun new behaviors?

In this course you will learn how to:



Coming When Called

Drop It

Puppy's First Behavior Benefits

These are the fundamental behaviors every puppy needs to be a canine in a human household.

Once your puppy knows these behaviors your relationship will be much happier. You won't have to say "no" as often because you will simply be able to tell them what you want them to do.

No reason to wait to teach your puppy the following!

Sit On Cue: We love sit the most of all of the behaviors, which is why we also teach the automatic sit in this course. If they are sitting they aren't jumping, or many other annoying behaviors.

Down On Cue: Down is a continuation of sit but it's also a great relaxation and resting position. 

Coming When Called: Coming when called is an extremely important behavior for your puppy to learn. It can also be a hard one to teach after puppy hood. Start now and your puppy will love the puppy come game.

Drop It: Is your puppy putting everything in their mouths? Drop it is the best way to get them to willingly release things. By teaching drop it, you are also one step ahead of warding off resource guarding in the future.

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