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Newman's Puppy Training Academy

Train your puppy in your own home on your own time! 

Welcome to The Puppy Academy. These all-inclusive courses give you everything you need to train your puppy! 

For a limited time you can get discounts on personalized training sessions with a trainer when you buy the Complete Puppy Academy!

Which course is right for your puppy?


Puppy Basic Course

Training to help adjust your puppy to being in a home.

  • Socialization

  • Potty Training

  • Puppy Biting

  •  Crate Training

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    Complete Puppy Academy

    All classes combined into one! You get everthing plus:

  • All training from the a la cart courses.

  • 50% off virtual training sessions ($150.00 value)

  • CGC test ready

  • Email support

  • Graduation Challenge 

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    Puppy's First Behaviors Course

    The first behaviors to start teaching your puppy

    • Sit

    • Lay down

    • Coming when called

    • Drop it

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    Advance Puppy Course

    Advanced training for the dog who is ready to be challenged! 

  • Leave it

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Stay

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    For a limited time, when you sign up for the Complete Puppy Academy you will get discounts on your personalized one on one training sessions with a trainer.

    Not all puppies are the same and have their challenges. We will help you trouble shoot and customize a training plan for you.

    You will also get:

    Free Lifetime access to the material.

    Science-based positive reinforcement training methods.

    Written material along with video instructions.

    Follow up emails with fun tips and games to play with your puppy!

    Don't be overwhelmed!

    Having a puppy is hard work. Let us help you! Not only will you be given written material and instructional videos, you will have access to expert trainers to help you troubleshoot along the way!

    Not every puppy is the same. We can customize your training program for you and your dog.

    We want to help you save time and money with our proven online training system!

    Highly Recommend!

    "Newman’s Puppy Course was exactly what we needed. We have a house full of kids and adopted Shipoopi not knowing what we had gotten ourselves into. This course gave us all the information we needed and the one on one sessions was customized to teach us how to have kids and a puppy live together. We highly recommend Newman’s!" - Lydia

    So fun!!

    "This course was so fun and easy to follow." -Robert

    Very Helpful!

    "The one on one help sessions were very helpful when I had questions for the trainers! It was like they were right there with me showing me what to do." - Brenda

    We are here to help you!

    If you ever have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

    Email: [email protected]

    If you are having trouble with a certain behavior schedule a Training Session.

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