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Advanced Behaviors Course

These behaviors are harder to teach but also very useful puppy behaviors

Are you ready to start training your puppy some advanced behaviors?

In this course you will learn how to:

Leave It


Walking On The Leash

Puppy Graduation Challenge

Advanced Behaviors Benefits

These are the fundamentals to teaching your puppy how to behave in social situations.

No reason to wait to teach your puppy the following!

Leave It: Leave it is great for when you see your puppy heading for something you don't want them to have. It's also a great tool for working on self control and patience.

Stay: Is a great safety behavior, it's a great for when you need your puppy to stay while you grab something to clean them off. Stay is also another great self control and patience tool.

Walking On The Leash: Makes outings for exercise and taking your puppy out for any reason more enjoyable, safer for both you and your puppy, and is another great self control and patience tool.

Let's Graduate Your Puppy: The sooner your puppy can be comfortable in their crate the better. Crates are wonderful management and safety tools!

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